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11:47pm 11/08/2005
mood: thirsty
Anybody who was a graduate, or who attended the prom of 2004 from Millwood, please contact me in some way if you have pictures that you are willing to lend the negatives of. I was/am not fully satisfied with mine, and I wanna have a large collection if at all possible.

Gordon McClair Geizer   
12:17am 07/12/2004
  RIP: November 30th, 2004

It was like losing a grandfather...
Go here if you care to...   
04:48pm 09/08/2004
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12:18am 20/07/2004
mood: hot
theres like... 46 people online msn... thats like a record for me or something
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my best friend is jon?   
02:33am 12/07/2004
mood: confused
My Best Friend is omegabonachega
Our 15 common interests are: art, bob dylan, ccr, drawing, fight club, food, frenchy's, fuel, jones soda, oasis, painting, pulp fiction, silverchair, sloan, your mom
Who is your best friend?
Created by macoto
12:42am 03/07/2004
mood: sick
"You can't have manslaughter without laughter"
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04:58pm 25/06/2004
mood: ecstatic
...I said it all in the title...
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05:58pm 11/06/2004
mood: hungry
hmmm... a lot better than i expected
Hello motherfucking speedcore dANdy   
03:47pm 25/04/2004
mood: hungry
How was the GSA dance everyone?
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So.... do you think you can tell?   
11:13pm 29/03/2004
mood: angry
I update this more: www.deadjournal.com/~DarksDesire
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March Break Roxorzs   
05:35pm 21/03/2004
mood: happy
I love Brandon

Special date: March 18, 2004
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Almost 4...   
03:57am 17/03/2004
  yeah... this journal exists so i can post...